With more than 30 years in the construction business, home renovations to industrial builds, new construction to renovations – unique, well designed (products) were scarce. In an effort to support our own needs, we began to seek out products that met the requirements. DHS, is committed to offering unique and effective products to the North American market; products they have used and tested in their own projects.

pgb-EUROPE was exactly what was lacking in the North American markets.

WHY pgb-EUROPE? about3

They are committed to offering intelligent fastening solutions for improved productivity, performance and presentation.

Their fastening system for decking is unique; their line of screws is extensive.

The design and simplicity of the pgb-Europe products speak to a forward thinking company. Additionally, their ability to react quickly to changing requirements, has given them the edge over other companies.


pgb-Europe is a Belgian family-owned company specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of fasteners, fixings and hand tools. Their vast range of products allows them to meet the individual needs of every customer.

Over 60 years of European, high quality, intelligent fastener and fixings design and manufacture experience.

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